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College Introduction

New era, new mission, new deeds. The Party Committee and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province determined to reform a new Shanxi Agricultural University through the merge of previous Shanxi Agricultural University and Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences in October, 2019. Whereafter, a new College of Agriculture has been built on the basis of previous College of Agriculture and the Institute of Crops Science.

Currently, the College of Agriculture includes three undergraduate majors (directions): agronomy (general), agronomy (functional agriculture specialty), and seed science and engineering. In addition, there is one class of students participate in planning undergraduate and graduate education as a whole program in agronomy in our college. As a national specialty, a provincial brand major and a provincial level superior major, our agronomy major was approved as one of the national first-class professional construction points in 2019.

At present, the major of Crop Science is first-order discipline authorized to confer Ph.D degree, and it has 1 postdoctoral research program; the major of Crop Cultivation and Farming System, and Crop Genetics and Breeding are second-order disciplines authorized to confer Ph.D degree, and they have five master degree authorizations. College of Agronomy possesses many national, provincial, and ministerial teaching and research platforms which include National Functional Coarse Grain Technology Innovation Center, Ministry of Agriculture’s Scientific Observation and Experimental Station of Crop Cultivation and Cultivated Land Conservation in North China Loess Plateau, and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Plant Production.

The college of agronomy has a long history of nearly 100 years and many qualified faculties. It has a staff of 227, of which 30 are doctoral supervisors, 43 professors and 74 associate professors. There are 10 national talents and more than 70 provincial talents. Among them, 11 talents (including 2 full-time talents) have been recruited from international renowned universities such as University of California (USA) and the University of Nottingham (UK) .The college has more than 1400 large-scale experimental apparatus worth nearly 150 million yuan, and 5 key laboratories. In addition, there are laboratory building, automatic meteorological observation station, modern greenhouse and the experimental field covers an area of more than 499,995 square meters. The college has been made outstanding achievements in scientific research, it has undertaken more than 300 national and provincial scientific research projects, including more than 30 national projects. We have appraised more than 50 achievements and won more than 30 provincial awards.

After nearly a hundred years of development, the college has formed a multi-level education system integrating undergraduate, master, and doctoral graduate education. Since 2018, the enrolment reformation of general agronomy has been implemented, and a new modular curriculum system of "general courses + professional compulsory courses + professional elective courses + open elective courses" has been established. In terms of training mode, it has paid attention to the transformation from knowledge-based to ability-based, and strives to cultivate innovative and compound talents with a solid foundation, wide scope, strong ability, and high-quality.